About Therapy

Because the decision to seek therapy is filled with life-size expectations, and often, acute needs, at All Things we approach therapy sensitive to the risk it entails for a person. Our counselors will provide completely confidential conversations through which genuine trust can be built and sensitive issues can be dealt with.

At All Things we believe that we best cooperate with God in the broken, sinful areas of our lives in two crucial ways: by accepting honest feedback about ourselves, however wonderful or difficult that might be, and by owning up to our need for forgiveness and healing. So while we will encourage you to face difficult issues, we will also make sure that you face them in the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship. We have found that at these deeper levels of honesty it becomes clear that every life story, even the tragic stories, speak to the reality of an Author who is profoundly engaged with our hearts and lives – an Author with whom all things, big and small, are possible.